Behind every successful and great brand, lies a fundamental brand message; a compact statement declaring the importance of the brand that clearly states how the customers will benefit, articulating why it is better than any other in the market. Brand messaging involves communicating the values and main differentiators which define your brand. It makes people return anytime they need some inspiration; it also constantly reminds them of what your brand stands for. It will shape a business brand marketing message, describing all the aspects that clients will find relevant.

Choose your words

Whether you are building a new brand or refreshing an existing one, it is important how you choose the words you use as they need to resonate with the targeted audience, otherwise, it will be just another failed attempt to woo prospective customers. Marketing gurus will tell you that it should not just be about speaking to the audience, telling them what you do or informing them what you offer, but the message should shift to a conversation with the audience, inviting them to learn more, giving them results and outcomes they can expect from consumption of your product or services.

YETI has succeeded in this kind of approach. The company entered into the market only a few years ago and now, through its brand messaging, has managed to achieve what very few businesses have done. They have increased sales over a short period, yet they sell their product at ten times the price of the competition. The way they packaged their product and the message they relayed to the targeted audience made the difference. Before they built their brand messaging hierarchy, they aimed at understanding their targeted audience, what they knew about the problem they wanted to be solved, and the kind of results they anticipated. They did not go for the numbers, rather they targeted people whom they thought would benefit from their product and structured the brand message in a way that it appealed to this market – the results are out there for everyone to see. They are now a perfect example of how premium pricing works and how brand messaging can be effectively packaged to give a business a competitive edge. In 2014, the company recorded revenues to the tune of $468.9 million, with ten percent of it coming from the products YETI sells online.