And What It Means For Your Brand… Video use in marketing has gained prominence. Statistics show that close to sixty percent of marketing professionals feel that video content is best when it comes to return on investment. Younger generations are viewing video content through a range of devices, more than any other time. This means that brands which fail to utilize this medium as a means to reach their customers will find it hard to achieve their objectives.

Live streaming, though not a new phenomenon, has become more prominent and dominant in the video landscape. It allows the user to showcase live pictures to their targeted audience in real time. It is a means that public figures have often used when they want a message to reach a large number of people in real time. Facebook and other social media platforms are using live streaming to attract users. More apps allowing live streaming have been developed, meaning that this is going to the next big thing. The adoption of live streaming as a means of creating awareness has also grown. It is predicted that live streaming will take off in 2018. With people spending more hours on social media platforms, the chances of reaching your targeted audience increases greatly.

Live streaming is evolving into a trendy phenomenon, a marketing strategy that brands are using to reach out. Rather than just giving information about updates and initiatives, brands are directly showing their audiences and they are able to connect and connect. It is a great opportunity which businesses should not miss.

Apart from providing businesses with a means to connect, live streaming cuts marketing budgets as well as the time required to relay the message. With a small budget, marketing objectives can be achieved, and the amount of time spent in production is greatly reduced. Great live streaming video helps people share information or experiences, and when it is impromptu people will like it and might see it going viral, working to the business’ advantage.

With live streaming digital marketing has gone a notch higher, giving consumers an authentic look where they can see the behind the scene magic. This not only creates an interest in the brand but also makes the targeted audience want to know more about it. Businesses need to understand how they can use it to their advantage.